Criminal Defence Lawyer in London Ontario – Antin Jaremchuk

Don’t plead guilty without first consulting a criminal defence lawyer to find out about your options.

Charges and a criminal record can destroy your family, your employment and your life.

Antin Jaremchuk is a criminal defence lawyer who has been practicing criminal law in the London Ontario area for over 25 years.  A criminal defence lawyer with extensive courtroom experience, he is unrelenting in his commitment to the rights of his clients.

A criminal conviction for even minor offences such as such as Impaired Driving , Over 80, Shoplifting, or simple Drug Possession can prohibit entry into the United States. This can have a serious impact on your employment. Convictions for serious offences such as fraud, theft, trafficking or assault may result in periods of custody. When facing criminal charges, having confidence in the lawyer you choose is paramount. Whether your issue is relatively minor or significantly more complex, the consequences of not having proper and experienced legal representation can be life changing.

There may be options for you to explore: you may have a defense against the charge; there may be a significant Charter breach of your rights which could potentially compromise the Crown’s case; or the prosecution simply may not have the necessary evidence required to prove their case. Alternatively, when appropriate, having a seasoned criminal lawyer negotiate a fair resolution on a guilty plea can be a substantial mitigating factor in sentencing. Pleading guilty only to get a case over with to move on with your life, is rarely a good choice. A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can help you and your family determine the best course of action  and guide you through a complex justice system in order to achieve the most positive outcomes possible.

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